Starting June 1st we will be allowing clients back into the practice. We have appreciated your patience as we went curbside during the first part of the Covid-19 pandemic. As we move into our next phase, we have made the decision to allow clients to come into the practice. Our number one priority is to keep clients and employees safe while taking care of your pets. In order to do this, we will be altering the way we do business and limiting the number of clients into the building. Since Governor Northman mandated everyone over 10 years of age and older to wear a face mask when being in a building, it just made sense to allow people back into the business as well.

For when you visit…

  • Call when you arrive in our parking lot. Our receptionist will take your information, put your name on a sign in sheet and ask a few questions including if you have a face mask or will be needing one and if you are sick or have been around someone that is sick.
  • When we are ready for you and your pet to come into the practice, a vet assistant/technician will meet you at the side door (this door is around the corner to the left of our main door), if you do not have a face mask one will be provided to you (while we have stock). If you are sick, are unable to wear a mask due to health reasons or do not want to wear a mask, we will see your pet using curbside service. At this time, we will be only allowing 1 person in with their pet (the exception is those with young children).
  • When you are in the exam room, everything will run like it normally did pre-covid. The vet assistant/technician will ask you questions about your pet and what they are being seen for. After that, the doctor will come into the room to exam your pet.
  • When your pet is done being examined, the vet assistant/technician will escort you to the front desk for payment.
  • Once done, the vet assistant/technician will walk you out through the front door.

Our hope is that we will be better able to serve you with less phone hassle and faster service. If you are coming to pick up pet food or medications, just call when you arrive, make payment over the phone and someone will run it out to your vehicle.

We look forward to seeing you once again in our practice as we move into this next phase of business. Our doctors and staff have missed seeing you and your pets and we can’t wait to see everyone again.

Thank you from the Doctors and Staff of Chesdin Animal Hospital