End of Life Care

Saying goodbye to a longtime friend is painful. We at Chesdin Animal Hospital know that the choice of putting your beloved pet down is a hard decision to make. Our doctors and staff try to ensure that your animals passing is an easy and pain free event. We offer a variety of choices to ease the transition. You can euthanize your pet with or without a sedative. Other options are for burial or cremation. You have the option to take your pet home with you or for us to take care of your pets remains. You also have the option for cremation. We use Agape Pet Services. They offer two types of cremation: mass and private. Mass cremation is when your pet will be cremated with other pets and you receive no remains back. Private cremation is when your pet is the only one in the cremation chamber and you will receive your pet’s remains back in an attractive wooden box. Urns and specialty products can be ordered directly from Agape Pet Services https://agapepetservices.com/

If you’d like to memorialize your beloved pet we encourage you to pay tribute to your furry friend by clicking this link and sharing a few words and pictures.